Previously known as ‘Zone Therapy” this touch therapy is based on the massage or palpation of different reflexes on the feet, hands, face and ears. It is a very effective therapy for promoting deep relaxation, improved sleep, reducing pain and for general wellbeing.

If you’re feeling out of kilter,
Don’t know why or what about,
Let your feet reveal the answer,
Find the sore spot,
Work it out

Eunice D Ingham

foot prints in sand


Duration 75 minutes / Cost £40

A short medical consultation will be taken at the beginning of the treatment. After this, you will lie down on a comfortable treatment couch and a blanket will be placed over you for warmth and comfort. You will remain clothed but will be asked to remove shoes and socks.

Oils/creams/balms are applied to the feet (or hands) and the treatment will commence. We work with the different zones on the feet and hands that correspond with organs in the body, massaging and palpating each one. When areas of congestion are found and worked on you may notice a sensation of energy shifting in that area. We talk to you about our findings as we carry out your treatment to help you to understand the process and why you may be experiencing certain ailments. We welcome questions and are also very happy for you to just totally relax, close your eyes and enjoy the treatment. At the end of the treatment we discuss how you are feeling and our findings during the treatment. A recommended plan is discussed and prepared. Often we find that foods can have an impact on things like pains and aches in the body or stomach problems. We would then suggest having food intolerance testing carried out by us. It may also be necessary to have more reflexology treatments depending on the severity of your problem and the speed at which your body repairs itself. With our guidance, you then decide what you think is the best approach for you.

By the end of the treatment you should fee very relaxed and will notice improvements in the next few days following your treatment. We recommend that you increase you intake of water for the following 48 hours Some clients may find a mild discomfort in certain areas where we found congestion and gave extra attention to. This is usually a good sign that things are improving and the congestion has been released.

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