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BioKinesiology is a complementary therapy that focuses on biochemistry and nutrition. It is a specialised form of kinesiology.  We use body energy, gentle muscle testing and test vials to find out the root cause of your health problems.  We can then formulate a treatment plan specifically for you.

A first treatment consultation usually takes 10-15 minutes.  We ask questions regarding your medical history, current health issues, diet, lifestyle, mood, energy levels and sleep patterns.  We do this to give us an indication as to where your current health issues may lie.  The consultation also gives you an opportunity to ask questions before your treatment is carried out.   Consultations at further appointments are generally based around feedback from you and usually last around 5-10 minutes.

You lie on a comfortable plinth (fully clothed), test vials are placed on your body and you are tested using muscle testing.  Once the testing is complete, you are given feedback and a personalised treatment plan with a review date in 4 weeks.

This depends on your health problem and how well you adhere to the treatment plan.   Some people may only need one treatment whilst others may need 3 or 4.

We always recommend a review 4 weeks after one treatment to ensure you are fully well again.

As we will be using arms and legs for muscle testing, it is advised to wear comfortable, loose clothing.

We treat clients of all ages. From birth, to octogenarians and beyond.

We only work with reputable companies that use natural and/or organic ingredients.


Our top suppliers are:





Bach flower remedies

New Vistas

Indigo essence


Australian Bush flowers

Any information you provide during your consultation and treatment are totally confidential.  All client records are stored securely in line with GDPR guidelines.

Reiki is a very powerful form of energy healing. The word ‘Reiki’ means ‘mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign” and that is reflected in what many of our clients tell us about their treatment. They feel relaxed, de -stressed and uplifted after a Reiki session. This can be attributed to the release of energy that can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possible emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can lead to illness.Reiki energy healing focuses on the energy fields around the body, removing blocks and helping to restore the flow of energy. By clearing these blocks in energy it can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing and reduce other symptoms of illness. During a Reiki treatment we work on balancing your chakras (energy centres) and repairing any gaps in your aura.Reiki works really well for those of you who suffer with anxiety, stress, emotional problems and more. It gives you the opportunity to take a really calm and peaceful hour for yourself and to heal from the release of energy blocks and the restoration of the flow of ‘Chi’ your life for energy.
During a Reiki treatment you remove your shoes and lie down on a comfortable treatment couch. You will be wrapped in soft warm blankets. Energy healing music will accompany your treatment and organic scented candles will be placed in the treatment room to help with relaxation. Once you are comfortable the treatment will begin.
We recommend regular Reiki treatments, particularly if you are suffering from stress or going through a difficult time. Life itself can be very challenging at times.

Previously known as ‘Zone Therapy” this touch therapy is based on the massage or palpation of different reflexes on the feet, hands, face and ears. It is a very effective therapy for promoting deep relaxation, improved sleep, reducing pain and for general wellbeing.
Oils/creams/balms are applied to the feet (or hands) and the treatment will commence. We work with the different zones on the feet and hands that correspond with organs in the body, massaging and palpating each one. When areas of congestion are found and worked on you may notice a sensation of energy shifting in that area. We talk to you about our findings as we carry out your treatment to help you to understand the process and why you may be experiencing certain ailments. We welcome questions and are also very happy for you to just totally relax, close your eyes and enjoy the treatment. At the end of the treatment we discuss how you are feeling and our findings during the treatment. A recommended plan is discussed and prepared.
Often we find that foods can have an impact on things like pains and aches in the body or stomach problems. We would then suggest having food intolerance testing carried out by us. It may also be necessary to have more reflexology treatments depending on the severity of your problem and the speed at which your body repairs itself. With our guidance, you then decide what you think is the best approach for you.

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